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2022 Church Design Trends

Well... it's happened. Just when you felt like you were getting the hang of 2021, it became 2022. 

So as we approach a new year, we want to invite you to join Dave Milam, VP of Strategic Design and Nathan Elder, our Strategic Design Director as they take a deep dive into how car dealerships, Uber Eats, and the Metaverse will all collide in 2022 to drive trends in church design that will define our ministries for years to come.

Dave Milam

VP of Strategic Design

Having served in the church for over 20 years, Dave has a heart for guiding pastors through the unique challenges of ministry while breathing creativity and life into their spaces.

Nathan Elder

Director of Strategic Design

From serving in rural to mega churches, Nathan understands the struggles facing churches today. With a background in creative arts and executive leadership, Nathan brings years of experience bridging the gap between ministry and design.

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