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4 Strategies for Future Proofing Your Schools

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Most of us can identify with the image of a dated classroom with inadequate air conditioning, broken whiteboards (or possibly even chalkboards), and aging desks.

After all, you are more than likely picturing the classroom of your own elementary school memories. The problem is that that classroom probably still exists - maybe even with the same teacher in it! Or, more likely, you are now the teacher or administrator, and you are looking around your campus and wondering - how can we update our campus to serve our students?

Join Dave Milam, Visioneering Studios VP of Strategic Design as he sits with Cory Miller, VP of Commercial Lending for America's Christian Credit Union to talk about how a combination of wise financial stewardship and forward looking design can help to deliver results for generations to come.

Dave Milam

VP of Strategic Design

As Vice President of Strategic Design at Visioneering Studios, Dave comes alongside church leaders to breathe life and creativity into their ministry space, taking them from where they are to where they want to be.

Cory Miller

VP of Corporate Lending

Cory has been serving Christian organizations’ commercial banking and lending needs at America’s Christian Credit Union for the past eight years. Cory’s finance and ministry backgrounds give him unique insight into his clients’ needs.

Visioneering Studios

For 20 years, Visioneering Studios has been providing world-class architecture and construction services through our commitment to collaboration, service, and stewardship with one goal in mind: creating mind-blowing solutions that go beyond what was imagined. 

As a nationally licensed architecture and construction firm with a long history of partnering with churches, non-profits, and other organizations we pride ourselves on being guides on this journey of creating spaces where life change happens. 

America's Christian Credit Union

America’s Christian Credit Union was founded on a basic principle, which still brightly shines through all we do today: we are here “To Reach, Serve and Teach.” By learning more about ACCU, you’ll see that it shares the same heartfelt vision of its members, following Scripture-based principles for wise stewardship and prudent money management.